Jennifer Philips, Founder

The Story Behind Good to GLAM

Good to Glam was created from the well of life experiences.

As a child, I grew up pitching for various softball teams.  I spent most of my time practicing with my father, throwing two hundred pitches a day.  Rain or shine it did not matter, and my father would constantly remind me: “Unless they are strikes, they do not count!”

At the time it seemed like torture, but it taught me that hard work, dedication, support from others is what it takes to win and succeed!

Growing up, I became a hairstylist and beauty school instructor.  I observed firsthand the life-changing impact confidence and self-esteem could have not only with my clients, but with my students as well.  I realized I had an insatiable desire to learn and to teach.

After working several years in the beauty industry, I became a licensed Real Estate Agent and top producer in Tucson.  My career led me to become a Productivity Coach and Trainer for the world’s largest real estate company.  I had unlimited access to the best training programs and learned virtually every aspect of running a business and motivating people.

During this chapter of my life, I partnered with Bill Nordbrock and the Tucson Business Club, a professional referral organization.  There I learned the value of strategic partnerships, and how to build a business book through networking and referrals.  Although I loved this organization, there was still something missing….

Like many women do in times of doubt and change, I consulted with family, friends and business professionals to find my purpose in life. I discovered my path was to empower others though inspiration, education and support.

My ultimate goal is to help women build confidence and self-esteem, to become better personally and professionally, to help them grow their businesses and expand their connections.  This is how Good to Glam was born!

Good to Glam Professional Women’s Organization enables me to empower my members to live their dreams and plan their lives by design, rather than by default. You are always one choice away from changing your life.

Could Good to Glam be that choice?