Good to GLAM is all about Professional Women using their collective efforts and connections through monthly meetings, quarterly mixers and seminars, with two events/expos every year to generate business, help local charities and empower women to live their dream. Aligning yourself with these women is a powerful way to permeate the female market.

Why sponsor Good to GLAM? The purchasing power of women grows daily with the average American Woman expected to earn more than the average America male by 2028. At this point, 51% of U.S. private wealth is controlled by women, with women accounting for over 50% of all stock ownership and controlling more than 60% of all personal wealth in the U.S.

That being said, it’s time to start marketing to women!

Through large events, mixers, seminars and meetings, we will bring several hundred people together who share the same common interest of growing their business and giving back to their community.  You will be placed directly in front of these decision makers, which gives you the competitive advantage. The Sponsors are exclusive by industry, you can rest assured knowing your competition is not on the same playing field.

Let’s face it, sales ARE all about who you know and who you have a relationship with. People buy from people they know and trust. Your sponsorship will allow you to be in front of, and beside, these women who are your consumers.  Set your company apart, your sponsorship also serves as a conduit to many connections, affiliations and alliances. Align yourself with some of Tucson’s finest.

Women’s needs are unique, it is paramount that your brand is aligned with these needs. As a sponsor, we will share with you the female consensus and insight on important topics that can help you serve the female community in a more direct manner. Having this knowledge is a huge advantage over your competitor.

With a robust combination of several thousand business owners and professionals in our database, we will be able to spot light your business through marketing efforts for Good to GLAM events, several times a year.  You will be mentioned at these events, fund raisers, seminars, mixers and expos. Your presence WILL make a difference.

Make no mistake, Good to GLAM is not only to help Professional Women become more successful and balanced, but also help young ladies through our mentor program. Our program is set up for Women and young ladies who need a coach, a friend, or some guidance.  The Good to GLAM Mentor Team will be reaching out to schools and programs that nurture education and betterment of self. Our mission truly is to empower the world, one woman at a time. Join us on this rewarding venture.