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The Promises You Make

With New Year resolutions running rampant…..

I thought NOW is a great time to be thinking about how we can turn our goals into realities. Why is this topic so very important? Because “resolutions” are promises we make to ourselves and sometimes to others. When these promises are not kept, what does that do to our own well being, confidence and mindset? Keep reading….

In training groups, I often ask how many people set goals for the year. Several hands usually go up. When I asked how many accomplished those goals.. several less hands go up.

Why is that?

Let me start by saying that when we let ourselves down, there is nothing more threatening to our own well being. When you make a promise to yourself, and do not keep that promise, you have broken a promise to yourself. Letting yourself down over and over can end up making you feel hopeless and frustrated. Sometimes we just stop making those promises altogether because we know what the outcome will be and it’s just too painful to disappoint ourselves again and again!

How do we break this cycle? 

Honor our promises, agreements and commitments to ourselves. Now that sounds easy right? Well it’s not always that easy. Sometimes we promise to lose weight, to work out, to hit a financial goal, to work harder and smarter. We come out of the gate with excitement about our new goals and promises! Then, at some point we lose steam, we start to eat a little more, workout a little less, work without as much passion, our financial goals become distant and meek.
What is it that we’re missing? Why can’t we just stay on track? Have you ever felt this way, or asked yourself why can’t I just do the things I know I need to do? If so, there’s a solution, there’s a way to ensure your success, although it is simple, it won’t necessarily be easy.

Here are some steps to ensure this year is different!
1. Write the goals down. Do you hear this all the time? There is an actual biological reason for this. The video by Simon Sinek, “Leaders Eat Last,” explains this in detail. I will just tell you that people who write down their goals have an 87% better chance of actually hitting them. Why? Because we are visual beings.

Imagine that you’re running up a hill to the very top. You’re tired and exhausted, not sure you can make it but you look up and know you are more than half way there. There are chemicals released in our brains as we near our goals, that is the goals that we can see. These chemicals give us the desire to keep going. As you get closer and closer to the top you strive harder and harder to get there no matter how wobbly your legs become, or how dehydrated you might feel, because you know you’re almost there. When you get to the top you will likely raise your arms above your head and yell, YES, I DID IT!! There are reward chemicals at this point as well. This makes us want to do it again and again.

Now, imagine the same hill, you look up but cannot see the top. You are exhausted, tired, have no idea whatsoever how much further you have to go to reach the top. You keep running but still no end in sight. At this point you are not certain if you can even physically endure what’s ahead. How likely are you to go on? Would you stop and just run back down or keep going and hope you reach the top before you keel over dead? This is why you hear over and over to write down your goals. You are unlikely to try to reach something that is not in sight, that you cannot see and that you aren’t even sure you can reach.
2 Plan… Plan…. Plan! Yes, I say PLAN! Not only do you need to know what you’re trying to reach you need a plan to get there. This is usually the part where people panic and stop. Planning can be difficult if you’re not sure how to do it. Here are some ways to plan the attack for your new goals.

Annual Goals: Write down the annual goals. These could be Personal, Family/Spouse/Relationship, Financial/ Business Related. Write each one down and next to it write what the end game looks like.

Monthly Goals: Write down what your goal will be each month to make annual goals.

Weekly Goals: This must be visited every week. There will be several bullet points in your weekly goals to meet each monthly goal. Be very specific in these weekly goals and check every week to make sure they’re completed on time.

Calendar Your Activities: This is the MOST important step!! Once you know what your annual, month and weekly goals are, build your calendar to support these goals. This is an easy way to ensure that you are doing the daily activities that will ensure you accomplish your goals!

If you do these steps, you WILL have great success this year! 
Time is going to pass whether you use it wisely or not. Why not fill your time with dedicated action to be all that you can be? If you would like an example of the format I use, feel free to email or call me.
You’re always one choice away from changing your life! Make the choice to write your goals, plan your strategy and execute your plan today!

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