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Enrollment fee includes all Good to GLAM Membership Rights. See By Laws for more details an information. good_to_glam

$35 monthly dues are paid once month and include your educational materials, one luncheon a month, plus discounts on Good to GLAM Events! Once you become a member you will be contacted to set up your monthly dues.

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Membership With a Purpose

Here’s the truth. Without a strong sense of purpose, professional groups can quickly look all the same. The truth is any organization can be hollow and shallow, unless the members come from a place of service.

Let’s face it in business, it’s all about relationships. Why should it be any different with professional organizations? Now’s your chance to be a part of an organization filled with professional women with a strong commitment to others.

That means, you’ll experience like-minded individuals ready to serve and grow. Find out what it feels like to be a part of group committed to elevating one another. Ready to be a Good to GLAM Member? Take a look at the many rewards of membership.

  • Gain Confidence – Get ready to gain confidence through others. Find out what it feels like to be supported. Experience the power that comes from receiving and sharing testimonials. Remember, an attitude of gratitude is a powerful tool to transformation. Have a passion for public speaking or desire to be a more polished speaker? Growth in public speaking awaits you here. With that said, Good to GLAM is committed to rewarding growth. What a positive way to encourage confidence and be a source of inspiration.
  • Peer Support – Master minds and think-tanks of all sizes are formed here. You’ll find yourself sharing ideas, gaining valuable insights and new perspectives. Truth is you’ll be surprised how often skills for business, translate well into your personal life. Get ready to problem solve together and elevate your profession to the next level. Worried about confidentiality? Put your mind at ease knowing confidentiality agreements are signed right from the start.
  • Connections – Make no mistake, connections are powerful. Here’s your chance to meet people, make warm introductions and receive help getting past even the toughest of gatekeepers. Even better, you’ll unlock opportunities like never before. At Good to GLAM, you’ll build alliances and partnerships with key people and organizations. What does this mean to you? Think about it. If you’re looking for a specific connection, chances are someone in this unique group can make the perfect introduction. And it doesn’t end there. Connections can transform the life of your family, whether your child with aspirations to be a singer or a loved one in need of a career change.
  • Mentorship – Whether you have a skill to share or one to learn, you can benefit from the power of mentorship. Mentorship can be the key to solving complex problems or learn new tools. But that’s not all. Good to GLAMs concept of mentorship extends into the community. Mentorship can make an impact in the lives of young women. Think about it. Your mentorship could be the turning-point in someone’s life. Whether your goal for mentorship is to transform your life or someone else’s, it all starts here.
  • Competitive Advantage – No matter what field you’re in or what your life outside of work holds, a competitive advantage is always helpful. That’s why, every meeting will have a strong educational component. Gain valuable tools, skills and support from speakers and educators. Take advantage of valuable topics including marketing, customer retention, service recovery, hiring, etc. What’s more, with every meeting you’ll have the opportunity to highlight or showcase your unique offering to our member. Imagine the multiplying effect of hundreds of women supporting your cause. That’s powerful.
  • Exposure – Familiarity sells. It’s as simple as that. Here’s your chance to have a presence and create a sense of familiarity through seminars, events and mixers. Think about it. It’s a great way to get your products or services in front of hundreds of potential buyers. There’s a popular phrase. “It’s all about who you know.” It’s true. The simple truth is, opportunities follow you, when you get in front of more people. But that’s not all, it can happen more consistently, when people like you and trust you.

Read the Good to GLAM By Laws 

Please feel free to call or email with questions, we look forward to having you on the Good to GLAM team!

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