Please note that we are not endorsing these companies, their products or advice. These are simply tools that we found that may be helpful in your journey.

Step One – Learn more about yourself

Use tests and assessments that are helpful to define skills, learn about your personality and strengths. Before you choose a career path, or to assure you are on the right career path, it’s best to use tests like these to determine if your chosen path is best for you. You can try these tools to learn more about yourself.


DISC Test Personal Strength Profile

Jung Typology Test

Free Strengths Test


Or simply google “personality tests” or “business tests” to find one that fits your needs.


Step Two – Learn more about your business or career

The Lean Canvas is a great tool to learn more about your business or career, your target markets, and how to grow your business through gathering this knowledge.

Download a Lean Canvas Template Click Here


Step Three – Business Planning

Once you have established that you are a fit for your business or career, it’s time to create a plan to achieve your greatest success. You don’t have to own the business to create this plan. Using your position in the business you can use a business plan to help define your role, targets and goals within your company. Now that you’ve completed your “Lean Canvas” you can use that information to help guide you through your business plan.



Starting A Business

Business Planning Video

Business Plan Templates


You may also Google “Business Planning Templates” for more information and templates that fit your need. I highly recommend you take some time to research each section so that you are filling your business information out with facts, statistics and knowledge.

Some books we recommend during this three step process. These book are great for both Mentors and Mentees.