Monday Motivational Message from Jennifer
monday-motivatio-give-it-your-allDo you want to WIN…. or just not LOSE? How you answer this question can change your life!

Do you ever see people in business, sports, etc. that just want to win and will do anything to make it happen? These are the people who have a burning desire to win. The others don’t want to lose, but they just don’t have the same desire and drive to win. You see this in the Michael Jordans and Michael Phelps of the world. They just insist on winning!

I’ve seen it even at a childhood level. My three sons played sports as they were growing up. I remember watching the stars of the different teams over the years as they sacked the quarterback over and over, got a touchdown against all odds, hit a three point basket to win the game and so on. These kids typically play extremely hard and strive to WIN every time!  They play with passion as though their life depends on winning! Is there something you do, hobby or work, with this kind of passion?

I’ve also see this in real estate coaching. People have come to me asking what to do while others come to me telling me what they’re going to do and put their words to action immediately.  They’re knocking on doors, making calls, doing everything they can to generate business quickly and often come back to me with results that exceed my expectations. Typically, these agents tend to be very successful in a short period of time while the others who just don’t want to lose are trying but just not at the same level or with the same vigor and persistence.  Statistics show that about 20% of agents do 80% of the business, they all have the same tools and opportunities so what sets them apart? Their desire to win!

I’ve also watched these “winners” get frustrated with their teammates, their coaches, their bosses and themselves. They hold themselves and others to a very high standard and do not understand why the others don’t have the same desire to win. Sometimes they even get accused of being a ball hog in sports or the guy who steps on other people’s toes in business. Really, they just want to win so bad they don’t trust the others to do the job so they do it themselves. (This another topic for another time)

So what creates that desire? It could be a number of things. Maybe they just want to be the best, impress their parents, coach, teammates or others? Maybe they’re working toward a scholarship, a financial goal, a dream? Ask yourself, “What makes me get up every day and do what I do?” If you don’t know the answer, you must find it. This is the burning desire that makes you want to wake up and WIN, no matter what!

To help you find the answer there’s a helpful website, I have no financial interest in this site, just something I came across a few years ago that helped me find my WHY. When you know what truly makes you tick, you look at things in a whole different light. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to tie our WHY with our work but if we are it’s a beautiful thing!

If you have children, don’t forget to share this message with them and help them find their WHY. It may change over and over as they grow but it will always be the driving factor that helps them succeed at the highest level in whatever they choose to do.

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