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G2G is an organization designed with you, the professional in mind. But, make no mistake. G2g is more than a networking or referral group. Here, you’ll discover a support group, a mastermind and an educational forum, along with a platform to showcase your experience and abilities.

This nationwide company offers many platforms and events to help you, the business owner, grow your business, learn tools to help your leaders and employees grow and produce at the highest level.

Everyone’s Welcome: Regardless of your career level, you’re free to join. Here. women are not defined by their income or status in the community.
Inclusive: Exclusiveness sets the tone for competition. However, when you’re focused on complimenting strengths, you recognize it’s the quickest path to creating leverage. Inclusion celebrates the power of like-minded women.
Business Consulting: Designed to take your personal and professional life to the next level.
Flexibility: You have enough to juggle. Rest easy knowing our meetings are held once a month. No mandatory meetings.
Budget Friendly: Our one time enrollment fee means less out of pocket expense which creates a higher return on your investment. It also includes important tools you will use to learn, grow and share with the group.
Exposure: Good to GLAM Mixers, Seminars and Expos are ALL open to the public. This means, you have the opportunity to show value to more consumers and connections. What’s more, you can be promoted through our social media and email marketing campaigns.
Discounts: on many events, and items that will be determined in the future
Referral Network: Benefit from our website, as other members and the public recognize your unique offering.
Exclusive Offers: Good to GLAM Sponsors offer you exclusive offers.
Charitable: Good to GLAM members seek ways to be of service to various charities.

Simply put, Good to GLAM is professional women committed to elevating other women. It’s why generosity is the cornerstone of our organization. Discover the benefits of membership today, Call us at (240) 670-4424 to elevate your career and your life.

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